EDA Tools

The software listed below is currently installed in all the computers available in the facilities of our students' group.


    Cadence is the leader company for full-custom IC design software. The IC package is one of the most popular set of tools provided by Cadence, namely the Virtuoso software for layout and schematic entries of mixed-signal circuits.

    :: Assura3.17.018
    :: Analog ElectronStorm7.10.003
    :: Conformal9.10.540
    :: Encounter Timing System9.13.000
    :: QRC Extractor9.13.002
    :: Integrated Circuit6.15.121
    :: Integrated Circuit Craftsman11.2.41
    :: Install Scape04.11-p004
    :: Incisive Unified Simulator8.20.027
    :: Quick View5.12.001
    :: Multi-Mode Simulation6.2
    :: NeoCircuit3.4.011
    :: RTL Compiler9.10.204
    :: SoC Encounter7.10.004
    :: Signal Storm6.10-USR4

    legend: 8 not available ; 14 installed ; total: 15 packages and 22 versions;


    Synopsys offers a wide range of software that can be used as stand-alone or even integrated with other tools from other software vendors, such as Cadence or Mathworks. One can also use Synopsys packages togther with some foundry libraries. The main tools of Synopsys are dedicated to digital design.

    :: CadabraB-2008.09
    :: Core ToolsB-2008.12-SP1
    :: Cosmos CoreW-2004.09
    :: Cosmos Scope2008.09-SP1
    :: ESPB-2008.12
    :: FormalityB-2008.09-SP3
    :: HSimPlusB-2008.09-SP1
    :: HSpiceB-2008.09-SP1
    :: LedaB-2008.06
    :: Liberty NCXB-2008.12-SP1
    :: Synopsys Installer2.0.0
    :: SynthesisB-2008.09-SP3
    :: VCS-MXB-2008.12
    :: DxDesigner2007.EE
    :: ExpeditionPCB2007.EE

    legend: 15 installed ; total: 15 packages and 15 versions;

    Mentor Graphics

    The software of Mentor Graphics has a huge diversity. From PCB design, to good extraction software for ASICs, FPGA software, Mentor Graphics has software solutions to almost everything.

    :: Calibre2011.4-14
    :: I/O Designer2007.4
    :: Leonardo Spectrum2008A
    :: ModelSim SE6.4a
    :: Precision Synthesis2008a Update 1
    :: QuestaSim6.4a
    :: Visual Elite2008.04 v4.0.2

    legend: 1 not installed ; 9 installed ; total: 7 packages and 10 versions;

    Agilent Technologies

    Agilent has software mostly useful for the simulation of radio-frequency and microwave circuits, essentially with discrete devices. It has a powerful electromagnetic simulator, which is suitable for instance in the layout of microstrip circuits. It is however possible to use the powerful harmonic-balance simulators from Agilent together with Cadence, e.g. GoldenGate with ADE.

    :: Advanced Design System2011
    :: RF Design Environment2009

    legend: 1 not available ; 4 installed ; total: 2 packages and 5 versions;


    Mathworks has been introduced in CAD software through co-simulation interfaces and even for simulation data processing, e.g. in Cadence and Synopsys tools. It has also powerful mathematical tools, such as Matlab that is widely used.

    :: Matlab2011A

    legend: 1 not installed ; 2 installed ; total: 1 packages and 3 versions;


    Xilinx has been introduced for software dedicated to FPGAs and CPLDs.

    :: Xilinx9.2-i

    legend: 1 installed ; total: 1 packages and 1 versions;